Zero Waste

Sustainability is our number one concern

Sustainability is today more important than every before. Malmar takes this topic very seriously. This is proven by its commitment to fulfill SAQ 4.0 which is now used in 383 industries and in 200 countries. In particular, this self-assessment questionnaire (SAQ) is designed to be a first check of supplier performance on CSR/Sustainability and is a great indicator how companies are managing environmental, conflict mineral and other risks in the supply chain. The SAQ is delivered on the SupplierAssurance platform.

Therefore, it is not surprising that zero waste principles are part of the daily way-of-working within Malmar. This can be related to simple actions like the water and heat recovery system in the paintshop or the move to digital production screens to become paperless. In the end, Malmar has the continuous ambition of empowering its employees, to be a reference in sustainability and finally, provide the best total cost of ownership.