Introducing RECOPRODAS

For SMEs who want to achieve a flexible production of smaller series.

RECOPRODAS is part of a sub-project that has indirectly received funding from the European Union's H2020 research and innovation program via an Open Call issued and executed under project TRINITY (grant agreement No 825196).

Malmar and Sirris will demonstrate the technological and economic feasibility of reconfigurable “cobotic production assistants” for the production of sheetmetal brackets (requiring a bending, spot welding and tapping operation). Although the number of cobot implementations in industry is ever increasing, they are mainly programmed and used for a dedicated operation and remain fixed at a certain machine/cell (e.g. cobotic welding, cobotic gluing, etc.). Truly flexible cobotic assistants for multiple machines are currently not applied within the manufacturing industry. Existing platforms are mainly suited for similar tasks (limited agility) or overkill for typical manufacturing SMEs. The challenges to overcome for the demonstrator of a reconfigurable cobotic production assistant are realizing : A mobile platform (manually transportable) with an integrated cobot and pheripericals (i.e. tools/grippers, safety system) that can dock easily yet accurately at the different machines. A universal I/O connector to digitally and securely connect the cobotic assistant and the machine (for data exchange) A modular fixture for a variety of parts (without the need for repositioning/referencing at each machine) A gripper/tool system for fast-changing between the specific grippers and tools at the different machines A low-level easy-to-use programming approach for the cobotic production assistant by the operators The individual building blocks for the cobotic production assistant will be developed and tested/demonstrated in the Sirris application lab (Belgium). Next, those building blocks will be integrated and demonstrated in the Malmar production facility in Lithuania. The developed building blocks, proof of concepts, principles and methodologies will be made generic, such that they are applicable to other production processes (at other manufacturing SMEs).