Our vision for the future

At Malmar, we aim to support our partners with all or a part of their supply chain needs including procurement, manufacturing, system development and logistics. Through constant global optimization Malmar operates cost-effective while maintaining high quality standards and fast delivery.

Being a family-owned and operated business, we strongly believe in a familial approach as key to establishing long-term partnerships with our clients. Swift and proper communication by close-knit and dedicated client teams enable us to adapt seamlessly to our customer’s needs and wishes with the goal of becoming their preferred supply chain partner.


Our mission statement

A company is defined by the people working in it. By empowering people, Malmar aims for a capable and engaged organization that functions self-steering. Investing in our Malmar Family provides us with our greatest internal resource, a highly qualified and dedicated team.

At Malmar we care deeply about our environment. Our goal is to create circular feedback loops in our business model to ensure that the resources we take from nature are given back or used in the best possible manner. The implementation of a no-scrap policy, transport optimalization and the use of innovative technologies are firm stepping stones towards natural resource preservation.

At the same time, we provide the optimal total cost of ownership throughout the supply chain and ensure that our customers can create competitive and sustainable products.


Corporate values

Malmar focuses on creating great opportunities for our clients while utilizing natural resources in a non-exhaustive way and working with responsible partners to form a solid base for long-lasting partnerships.

We take great care to integrate client protocols and systems for a flawless and durable end product. Through continuously developing and evaluating our capabilities and aspiring for operational perfection in our product life cycle management, our standard is set to excellence and above.

Malmar has invested in decentralization for risk reduction. Our self-steering client teams ensure fast, capable and effective handling of customer relationships, both internal and external.

Value Proposition

Our value proposition

Our approach is to perceive the supply chain as a service. By offering a completeservice in all aspects to our customers, Malmar is able to optimize the batchsize and enable improvements in storage, set-up, transport, handling andpackaging.

Our process is based on real-life data which translates into tailormade solutions for every client, better pricing, enhanced overall transparency and in-depth control of every detail.

This concept of supply chain as a service is deeply instilled in the company DNA and drives the ambition to make our products and partnerships ever more sustainable, competitive and qualitative.