Supply Chain as a Service

Total Solutions

Our approach is to perceive the supply chain as a service. By offering a complete solution in all aspects to our customers, Malmar is able to optimize the full process flow for the sourcing, production and delivery of small and medium sized assemblies.

With our continuous innovation, we aim for better pricing, enhanced overall transparency and in-depth control of every detail. Moreover, our in-house production capabilities secure industry leading know-how and flexibility towards our customers. Of course, not each component can be made in-house, therefore Malmar relies on a broad international partner network to source assembly components with the same quality, flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Finally, our logistics capabilities ensure reduced transport costs with more flexibility in terms of packaging and warehousing solutions.

This concept of supply chain as a service is deeply instilled in the company DNA and drives the ambition to make our products and partnerships ever more sustainable, competitive and qualitative.

Unique Value Proposition

Become a True Tier 0.5 Partner

Being a family-owned and operated business, we strongly believe in a familial approach as key to establishing long-term and sustainable partnerships with our clients. This is especially reflected in our ambition of becoming a true tier 0.5 partner for our customers.

Our business model is designed for maximized integration with our partners. This strong integration redefines the pricing policy from continuous negotiation to a pricing based on real-life data and parameters. Moreover, it enables us to optimize the batch quantity throughout the whole supply chain to avoid conflict of interest in this area. Another great advantage of deeper integration is that our customers can remove a great part of their fixed overhead related to supply management since Malmar has the necessary capabilities in-house to manage this independently without additional costs. Finally, Malmar can act as a centralized platform to facilitate and coordinate the complexity of the supply chain so that our customer will have the luxury of ending up with one point of contact.