Material control

Delivering the right part on the right date on the right location with the right price can often be a complicated process. Customers can have different pricing and packaging policies dependent on the final destination. The system of Malmar is able to cope with this complexity. Moreover, Malmar is working with dedicated customer teams to make sure that there is always one point of contact, independent from pick-up location. This team is always there to support whatever transportation solution is needed.

Added-Value Warehousing

The logistics within supply chain is often an underestimated cost driver. Therefore, Malmar has different warehouses accross Europe to provide the closest possible pick-up location. Moreover, Malmar offers the possibility to have tailor-made warehousing agreements like safety stock and consignment stock. This gives customers many cost-effective and sustainable opportunities like reverse logistic flows for packaging and products.


Malmar offers fast and cost-effective expedition services by road, sea and air. There are weekly routes to 35 locations across Europe. On top of that, Malmar offers crossdocking facilities for both container and trailer shipments on the different sites. Consequently, being responsible for transportation and warehousing gives Malmar also automatically the incentive of optimizing packaging accordingly. This can be achieved in different ways: exchangable packaging materials, custom packaging solutions (e.g. milled foams) and finally kitting. Please contact for your personal inquiry.