Pre Assemblies

It is the vision of Malmar to unburden their customers from all pre-assembly activities. This can be related to simple activities like assembly of foams, plastics, rubbers,.. but also to more complex assemblies like electronics and glass. This process is supported by custom-made innovations like digital assembly screens with a step-by-step guidance for the operator.

Cross Members

Throughout the years, Malmar has perfected the production process for the product group Cross Members. A good example in this area are the in-line rivetting stations within the paintshop. Also packaging is optimized to guarantee efficient transport and handling. Hence, it is no question that Malmar is preferred supplier of this product for many customers.

Welded Assemblies

Malmar owns multiple industrial robots and co-robots to automate the welding process of both low-volume and high-volume production. Consequently, Malmar can offer very competitive pricing for each product segment and provide total solutions for customers that have issues to manage their in-house welding capacity.

Profiles & Tubes

Sourcing profiles and tubes can often be challenging. Malmar has a large network of partners to make sure that each assembly can be delivered as a total solution. Considering that Malmar has also in-house painting capabilities and knowledge, customers can be reassured that the finishing of their part will always be according to their requested standard.

Brackets & Supports

Today's market is characterized by continuous efforts from OEM's to become more customer-oriented in their product catalogue. This requires from supply chain partners to offer more diverse and modular components. Brackets and supports are key in this area. Therefore, it should not surprise that Malmar is well-known for their highly competitive offering in this segment.