Supplier management

New suppliers within the partner network of Malmar are carefully selected based on numerous criteria to ensure long-term and sustainable partnerships. On top of that, Malmar expects cost transparency and maximized integration from its suppliers to achieve great mutual performance. In the end, the goal should be improve continuously in cost, delivery and quality.

Partner network

Malmar has a large network of partners in Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Asia to deliver a broad scope of components like machined parts, formed parts, castings, extrusions, plastics, rubbers, foams, insulations and standard stock items. This market intelligence enables Malmar to provide the most competitive quote for their customers based on a make or buy decision.


Importing components from outside of Europe can look complex at first sight. Yet, Malmar is able to support their customers with all administrative tasks related to import/export duties. Furthermore, if desired, there is the possibility to work with dual sourcing to take advantage of both the flexibility of local suppliers and the price advantage of partners outside of the EU. Finally, Malmar has remote offices to secure quality control at country of origin.