Steel fabrication

Malmar has more than 15 years of experience to produce metal components according to the highest quality standards in 3 optimized production plants: Latvia, Lithuania and Belgium. Starting from sheet metal plates, Malmar is able to lasercut, bend, weld and mill a broad scope of parts. The only limitation is the drawing that is received from customers.


One of the big advantages of Malmar are the in-house coating capabilities (powder paint). The in-house paintshop is able to sustain the most severe tests (e.g. acceleated corrosion test) in combination with a dedicated edge rounding process. On top of that, if the in-house capabilities would not fullfill the standard of customers, there is always the possiblity to work with strong partners for galvanizing, KTL,...


It is the vision of Malmar to unburden their customers from all pre-assembly activities. This can be related to simple activities like assembly of foams, plastics, rubbers,.. but also to more complex assemblies like electronics and glass. Finally, each project will be optimized to minimize manual handling. An example in this area are the in-line rivetting stations within the paintshop for the product group Crossmembers.