Continuous improvement

Continuous improvement is at the heart of Malmar. This is proven by the broad range of certifications and reporting that Malmar is fullfilling: ISO 14.000, ISO/IATF, GRI and SAQ 4.0. In addition, Malmar relies on industry standards like PPAP, 8D reporting,... to manage risk and guarantee control on process level.

Supply chain platform

Malmar is working hard to provide a unique experience to their supply chain partners. By giving customers a centralized platform for instant quoting, detailed order follow-up and information exchange on claims, Malmar is able to reduce the workload significantly within the supply chain and increase throughpout time at the same time.

Industry 4.0

Malmar invests heaviliy in industry 4.0 to decrease throughput time throughout the supply chain. These innovations happen on different levels within the company. From organizational point of view, Malmar works according Quick Responsive Manufacturing which not only reduces throughput time but also increases ownership of employees. Logically, digitalization is also considered as a key focus area with innovations like the in-house made shopfloor applications for tablet and digital engineering. Finally, Malmar owns multiple industrial robots and co-robots for process automation of both low-volume and high-volume production.